I’m Back!

31 Mar 2010

Hello there!

Huah, it’s been a while since my last post here in blogdetik. Oh well, i think i’m not consistent with this blog because as you know *oh i hope you know*, i have so many blogs. Yep, even i can’t count it with my fingers, so you know how many blogs that i have right now.


Actually there’s another problem that makes me not quitely enjoy blogging here, it’s because of the wordpress. I’m not into wordpress. So, it feels like i kinda confuse how to edit this and that and blablabla~

Well anyway, how are you all! Is there anybody here?

“why are you talking english ben?”

I dunno. I just want to practice my english, i just feel like, i need to. Well, i’m preparing my english so if i’m going abroad, i won’t have any problem with my language :) No No No, i’m not really good with my english. I haven’t got 500 in my TOEFL score. But i think, i’m good enough with my writing :) * i hope i can do so with my speaking *

And thennnnnn….

I hope, today will be the day that i will come her oftenly and write something random. Or maybe just write my daily things. Or secret things. Or.. whatever :)

“What about your blog ben?”

Oh yeah, my blog. Alhamdulillah, i think it’s getting better and better :D My Benablog.com is spreading around the world. Around Facebook, Twitter, MSN, YM and others. I’m very happy with that. :)

Okay then, i think i have to go now.

I got a lot of homework to do. See ya guys :)




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